Bold and dark cherry wood shades, oak’s airy colours and walnut’s chocolate browns – we have experienced them all in our professional practice in Barnet and what we can tell you for sure is that every type of solid wood flooring has the potential to look more than amazing just with a few brushes of the sanding paper and the experienced hand. There is no solid wood floor restoration definitely comes like one achievement every handyman can be proud of in his stay at home career, however years spent at training, learning from the experience of the best coaches in Barnet and our dedication to keep an eye of the actual tendencies in the branch give us the confidence for the bold statement we can treat your solid wood timber as no one will be able ever.

Please, forgive our brave approach, but we have so many evidence of what we are claiming about. Simply check our gallery and you will find the visual prove for how passionate we are for achieving flawless results. In our portfolio, you can find some of our most recognisable and eye-catching projects in our practice in Barnet in terms of solid wood floor resurfacing. As it comes for every informative and helpful article around the Internet, we aim to clear out how sanding can really benefit your wooden installation. Once you are ready with ah-ing and oh-ing about our impressive projects in our gallery, keep reading, so you can be sure the sanding process will improve your floor in every aspect possible.

Floor sanding is the initial process of every restoration and renovation concept. In fact, sanding can’t handle major issues such as loose or broken timber, deep scratches and non-structural gaps and many more, but what sanding can do is creating a completely smooth and even surface and that way adding more stability and longevity to the whole structure. However, if your existing solid wood timber is in already poor condition, suffering wear and tear, the way you can get rid of the issues comes once again to hiring us, because we always offer the perfect prior preparation and make sure the construction is stable and durable, so we can continue with the renovation later. The best part is that this won’t cost you a breath-taking amount of money and no time-consuming services to deal with, because our working policy is the requirements and demands of the client are always on the first place!

Sanding is great for worn and damaged floors, but also recommended for newly installed unfinished ones. We know people opt for unfinished timber because of the lower price or the freedom of customising their floor and we are ready to help if you have just purchased solid wood materials in Barnet. After the fitting stage, we will sand the surface in order to prepare it for staining and sealing of your choice, so you will end up with the wooden floor of your dreams!