We believe no another wood floor restoration project is the same and every one of them needs a different approach and slightly different knowledge base and how-to. In that thread of thoughts, sanding is not a general service, which can be adapted to every type of wood flooring and there are four main directions, we are driving our skills and tools through.

Solid wood floor sanding is the basic knowledge and method, suitable for all wood species, from traditional to exotic. It is great for removing any stains, fine scratches and imperfections and preparing the surface and the whole structure for the upcoming staining and sealing services. Engineered wood sanding has to be precise and detailed because of the structure of the material. When performed properly, it will improve the condition of the floor. Parquet sanding is known as complex because of the variety of the patterns and designs of the wooden blocks fitted. Sanding large-scaled areas is better performed according to the business standards with a timely, efficient and professional approach.