Floorboards are a heritage to many London and UK households and we specialise in restoring it. Our floorboards sanding services in Barnet include refinishing, repairs, staining and gap filling.

Floorboards can suffer a lot during the years as they are very base of the floor in many houses built last century and older. Every sanding service normally goes through re-nailing / re-fitting and replacement of boards, which has suffered serious damage. Sometimes repairs of floorboards may not enough for achieving solid floor but works beneath the floorboards. These are tackled on joists level and are part of our flooring services.

Floorboard repairs are carried out only with reclaimed or seasoned pine, so it can match as close as possible the existing boards. There are different types of pine, so we will do our best to recognise and supply relevant boards species.

For fireplaces which are no longer required we will remove the fireplace heart and supply seasoned pine boards to restitch the area in the best possible way.

Floor boards can be stained to various colours - from dark deep chocolate colour to shades of brown-red and even greys and transparent whites. Old pine timber can look amazing after a proper restoration procedure.